Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Quick Fix Bathroom Reno

Welcome to the upstairs bathroom in our home...

Beige/gold plastic panelling on the walls.
Black trim between the panels.

Old vanity, old taps, old cabinet.
Ballerina bars.
But it has some nice features - it came with a new bathtub,
we added a new toilet, and it's super spacious, which we love.

We had some Home Depot store credit, so I decided to do a bandaid reno...


We (Ben and I) sanded and wiped down the plastic paneling then added two coats of an extra adhesive white primer.
Then came two coats of a nice dark taupe colour.
We painted all the trim a fresh white.
Then came the new mirror, taps, and lights.
We ran into some plumbing and electrical issues - it's never as easy as you think it'll be -
but Ben pulled through.

The nice thing about quick fix renos is you kind of have nothing to lose! 
The mirror's a bit large but I love it! 

I took the doors off the vanity, painted it all white, then put dollar store cupboard liners on the bottom.
 I still have to decide whether to keep it open and use baskets or whether to make curtains for it.

I'm going to spray paint the old toilet paper holder and towel rod white and put them up again.
Isaac helped me take photos - he wanted to make an appearance.

~Mary Mary

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Michelle said...

Love it! It looks so much fresher. Great job, guys!

- Michelle