Thursday, June 21, 2012

Birds and Bees Part I

Our friends Andrea and Andrew were over last week.  Andrea mentioned she has a bird out her window that makes a sound [like so].  I can’t write out the sound but it’s a high note then a lower note and she says it in pitch.  She can’t see it but she hears it all the time and she wanted to know what it was.  At its mention, I told her right away, with confidence, “My Dad could name that bird.” 

As a kid, my Dad taught us a lot about bird sounds and names, tree types and patterns, animal poop and tracks… and do you think that I took much of it into my little brain and made it stick?  Nosiree.  I wish.  The good thing is, he’s still teaching us, so I’m trying to pay more attention now.

Anyway, I called up Dad and did a poor impression of Andrea’s mystery bird.  He said, “Is it like this: [insert bird sound]?”  I said, “Yah, kinda like this: [insert poor attempt].”  We went back and forth a bit trying to communicate in bird language until finally he concluded, “It’s a mourning dove.”  Just like that.  A mourning dove.

Mystery bird solved.  I told Andrea right away.
- Mary Mary

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Melissa said...

I get mourning doves. They poop on my laundry. We have electrical wires overtop of my laundry tree. They're always there. They sound a bit like I imagine an owl would sound.