Thursday, June 21, 2012

Birds and Bees Part II

On to a new mystery…

Ben and I were enjoying our porch last Friday evening with the Andersons and noticed some major swarming happening around the maple tree in our front yard.  As the sun went down, the swarming seemed to get worse. 

Thom put some coke in a mug and held it up high into the tree to try to catch one for further inspection.  Not a good idea, Thomas. 

From peering into the tree and googling, we decided they were likely bees.  Bees enjoying the maple tree sap.  We learned that this could be an indication the tree is unhealthy – something’s making the sap too available.  This could also be a sign that the bees are looking to set up their hive in our tree… or they already have.  Yikes.

I noticed, when I put the compost out at dusk one evening this week, there were bees doing the same thing to our maple tree in our backyard.  Maybe there’s nothing wrong with our maple trees.  Maybe the bees are just enjoying the sap around the neighbourhood.  Maybe they already have a hive. 

Bee mystery not quite solved.   

Does anyone out there know anything about bee swarms?

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