Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Harvest Happy - Tending your Tomatoes

 Every year, I make the same mistake.
I plant my tomato plants too close together and the result is a tomato jungle.

 This is me pruning back the "arm pit" stems that produce purely vegetative growth.

 Sacrifice a little now for a bigger payoff later.
The idea is to not let the plant spend extra energy growing branches that won't produce fruit.
Snap 'em off or use little pruning shears.
I'm also trying to prune any of the low-lying leaves that trail along the dirt, don't get sun and turn yellow.
And I'm pruning the branches that are overcrowding the neighbouring veggies too.

My friend Mike, who is Romanian, has talked to me a bit about high-density tomato-growing in the past. He said he learned this from his uncle and it involves vigorous pruning of all shoots that aren't producing fruit.
It gives me hope for my tomato-jungle tendencies.

Here is a link to a website that has more information on more rigorous tomato-pruning.  There's a video and it's super SUPER informative. Have a looky.

~Miss Greenish Thumb~

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1 comment:

Mike D said...

Wow! I'm mentioned in the blog! I feel completely honoured. I'm not kidding -I always read your blog for tips and advice and this time I find some of my advice!

I excitedly called Jo over and had her read the article.

The theory behind high density gardening is to use the little space that the formerly communist Romanian government gave you to its fullest.


PS - If you want to see tomato jungle, come to our place! I need to prune. We invited you, Mark and the kids over for a swim (via Mark today). Hope you take us up on the invite soon!