Friday, June 15, 2012

My Garden to Yours: Vegetable Progress in Burlington

 I am feeling impatient.  Iain keeps mentioning over the fence that he's got flowers on his tomato plants.  He's got fruit on his tomato plants. 
All I have is leaves on my tomato plants.

 But if you look close, to the left the onions are ready to use as spring onions. I'm not 100% sure if I left them if they'd grow big white bulbs to be used at white onions, but they sure are tasty like this anyway. 
To the right, you can see my first pea plants, still climbing and climbing up to the sky.
And right smack dab in the middle, something else.
In a rare moment of craziness, I nearly weeded it out, but something made me pause.
And now I am sure, these odd things that have sprouted up in five or six spots are potato plants. I must have failed to pull out all the potatoes last year.  What a lovely surprise.  Too bad I had to sacrifice one plant, yanking it up to examine its potato-y roots, to be sure.
 The bean plants have sprouted too. I forgot how quickly bean plants spring out of the ground.  And I have to watch them carefully, because beans seem to appear magically one day when you least expect it.  I intend to be ready. 
Round two of beans is on the right. Some of the leaves were eaten off those ones.  I wonder what little rodent has been in my garden.

 This is a zucchini plant.
And in back, you can see one of the dozen nasturtiums I planted all around the periphery of the garden.  They climb like vines and produce beautiful yellow and orange flowers which are edible and are fabled to keep rodents away.
 I planted an assortment of other seeds right into my garden.
This is either an organic sugar baby watermelon... or a giant pumpkin.
Either way, I'm excited.
 To the left, some broccoli plants (or cauliflower - Canadian Tire wasn't terribly diligent about labelling their plants either). To the right, sweet peppers.
 And one eggplant plant for good measure.
Last year I planted six eggplants and that was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many for our eggplant needs.

Today, Cole ate the first pea pod from the garden (after I'd stolen a bite). 
I handed the other one over the fence to Iain.
They tasted like the freshest, greenest most pea-flavoured peas I'd ever eaten.
Almost like candy.

~Miss Greenish Thumb~

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