Monday, June 11, 2012

Zoomin' Bloomin': Roses

 We inherited a lot of the beautiful features of our yard when we bought it. 
The vegetable garden was my baby, but the rose bush and trellis was someone else's.
 And although it is beautiful this time of year, with the soft pink blooms and delicate petals raining down on the stone walk-way, I am sometimes at a loss about how to prune it.
 So I end up taking out the shears and pruning it vigorously within my reach and leaving a top-heavy jungle of vines and blooms.  We have even had some resourceful birds make a nest up there because it was so well protected from squirrels.
I call this method of pruning, my rosebush afro.

~Miss Greenish Thumb~

Zoomin' Bloomin':

*This is a Monday feature, highlighting a plant, tree or shrub (non-edible) that stands out for us for any number of reasons!  Could be we've planted something new, see new buds on a tree or blossoms on a plant; that we've spotted something in a neighbour's yard or during a walk in the woods.  Link up on Mondays! *

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