Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bathroom Update

Here's a little update to our quick fix bathroom reno.
I'm still debating what to do with the cupboard space under our vanity.
For now I've collected a few baskets from around the house. 
How's that for no work and no new purchases? 
I also put our toilet paper in a cotton bag we already owned so it's more aesthetically pleasing. 
See it there in the middle basket?

And in true YHL fashion, I spraypainted our towel rack and toilet paper holder.
You can catch former glimpses of these in the quick fix post.
I just wiped these down, applied a couple coats of primer then about three coats of white spraypaint. 
I even spraypainted the tops of the screws.

I found that when I went to reinstall them, I couldn't use the previous holes because the screws wouldn't take anymore.
So I shifted them each by about half an inch, using anchors in the plastic panel walls.

Gotta love reusing and repurposing.

- Mary Mary

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