Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy Harvest: Peas

I took this picture a week ago, so pea season may be over in your neck of the woods by now.  But I wanted to share some of the bounty we enjoyed and the nutrition and joy it bestowed on our family.

~Miss Greenish Thumb~

*Sow, tend, eat, repeat.  This Wednesday feature highlights an edible plant we're excited about.  It's a fun way to share what's in season as well as our vegetable gardening journeys.  In addition to our own reaping, posts are about local farmers' market finds, using up random CSA items... and of course, we like to share yummy recipes.  Link up on Wednesdays! 


Mary said...

Hee hee. Love the photo. Sums it up... right there. Our pea plants turned brown and dried up. We had already picked most of the peas from it. Is this normal? Is this what pea plants do when they're doneso or did something go wrong?

Melissa said...

My pea plants dry up too when they're done. However, my second batch of pea plants looked like they were starting to dry up even before they were completely done. So maybe it's the hot weather?