Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Harvest Happy: Grape Leaves

Jenny and Weldy (Ben's parents) have grapevines in their front yard.
In the above photo, on the right you can see the grapevines covering the fence. 
As a side note: on the left you can see their weeping tree that refuses to weep.
The other day, while Jenny was working outside, a woman approached her and asked if she could pick some grape leaves.
Jenny said of course and asked what she would use them for.
She said she was Lebanese and that she would freeze them then use them as wraps for a tasty dish.
I've definitely enjoyed stuffed grape leaves many a time here in Ottawa; 
I just never thought you could make them with the grape leaves growing in our own backyards.

Like I've done with some of our lilac bushes, this spring I almost dug up the grape vines in our backyard. 
They seemed pretty haphazard.
Then I thought it might be nice to make wreaths with them in the fall I kept them.
Jenny and Weldy have a lovely wreath on their front door that their friend made with grapevines:

Now I know there's another use to them as well. 
I noticed Jenny and Weldy guide their grape vine growth...
they move the vines around and guide them around the fence. 
Over the weekend when I made the string trellis-type setup for my morning glories, I did the same thing with my grapevines. 

This time I found a bit more of an efficient technique when tying the strings to the rocks.
And it was easy to tie the other ends to the fence.
The end result is quite messy, but hopefully I'll be able to guide the vines more throughout the summer.  

- Mary Mary

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