Friday, July 13, 2012

My Garden to Yours - Dan's Camp

For this week's feature of My Garden to Yours, I'm posting from the beautiful Thunder Bay area.
Dan and Marlo invited us to their camp, on Lake Superior. It was a wonderfully relaxing retreat and it reminded me how much I miss that lifestyle.

Below: (Left) The view from the "cottage" to the lake front
(Right) The view from the lake front to the "cottage"


The ribmaster
A few of our wonderful hosts
The guest cabin that Dan and Marlo built.
My favourite example of Dan and Marlo's resourcefulness is that they made a beautiful wood floor using salvaged wood from wooden pallets, costing zero dollars for materials but thousands of man-hours removing nails or staples and sanding.

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~Miss Greenish Thumb~

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Mary said...

I love that last photo of all the little wild flowers in the forest, with the light on them.