Friday, July 27, 2012

My Garden to Yours - Welcome Home!

We went to Thunder Bay for 10 days and had a wonderful time, but on the plane ride home I kept fantasizing about the state of my garden. I'd left my neighbour in charge of watering, but would I have missed all of the pea and bean harvest? Would there be other veggies ready for me when I returned?
 The first thing I noticed was the cracked, parched ground and the dust flying everywhere. We were in the midst of what would later be called the "drought of 2012".

The second thing I noticed was that the beans had taken over. And this was a problem because they'd made a jungle - a mini-green-bean-plant-ecosystem in which thousands and thousands of bugs, especially potato bugs, had set up camp.

What to do?

 So I did the only thing any self-respecting gardening Miss would do, I drove myself to the mall and purchased the cutest gardening rubber boots I could find. Then I could venture into the garden without fear of a bug crawling onto my bare toes or the worry that my cute Berks would get muddy.

 Some of the beans were a little over-ripe and a bit tough.  But there were plenty of them to harvest. And the peas were still going full-boar (unfortunately, since then, they've started to turn yellow).

 The peppers have started.

 The broccoli too.

 And thought you might find this interesting... this is what happens to rappini broccoli if you leave it.  It seems to form these pods that look like green beans.

 Lots of tomatoes, but none have turned red for me yet.

 I picked a head of broccoli....
 ...a cucumber...
..three potatoes (when I accidentally pulled up a potato plant), some peas and some beans.

To reduce the bug problem, I pulled up some of my bean plants and snapped off some of the broccoli leaves to reduce the amount of garden-floor that was moist and shady and with leaves directly on the ground where bugs might like to live.

~Miss Greenish Thumb~

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