Monday, July 16, 2012

Zoomin' Bloomin': Dying Serviceberry

Help!  Japanese beetles are eating our lovely serviceberry tree!
Check out the devastation:

That explains the grubs we found in our lawn in the spring.
I didn't realize they would turn into Japanese beetles.
We'll try to do something with soapy water to get them off the tree.
And I'll look into "nematodes" to treat the lawn for the grubs.
Does anyone know anything about these suckers?
Is our tree going to make it?

- Mary Mary

*This is a Monday feature, highlighting a plant, tree or shrub (non-edible) that stands out for us for any number of reasons! Could be we've planted something new, see new buds on a tree or blossoms on a plant; that we've spotted something in a neighbour's yard or during a walk in the woods. Link up on Mondays!*


Melissa said...

We were losing our purple sandcherry plants to scale, so we sprayed with horiticultural oil. It's kinda scary stuff - the label recommends you spray with long sleeves and stuff, and you dilute the oil and spray in the evening so it'll sit on the tree before the sun comes out and evaporates it away. And you can repeat in 10 days or so. But after one application, a few weeks later, much of the scale came off with a garden hose.

Mary said...

Okee dokee.