Saturday, August 25, 2012

Amy's Farm - Part 2 (The Vegetable Patch)

Amy went away for two weeks and while she was gone, her vegetable patch reclaimed some of the lawn. The pumpkins grew arm-like projections radiating from the central vegetable plot in a way that made me think from an airplane her garden might look like the sun.
One of the prettiest eggplants I've ever seen.
On our quest for purple carrots, Mona pulled up a parsley plant. That kind of mistake makes me think the girl knows her veg. Parsley leaves do look a lot like carrot tops! Good girl, Mona!
Purple carrot!
Nice and orange on the inside and nice and sweet.

Look what she sent us home with.
My dreams came true!
That jar contains a batch of Mona Sauce: Peach ketchup (made from 50% tomatoes and 50% peaches). Awesome on chicken fingers.
~Miss Greenish Thumb~

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