Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dear Frankie Flowers

I have an apology to make. It's for Frankie Flowers... 

Dear Frankie Flowers,

I was upset with you because I thought you didn't think I should have a vegetable garden due to my circumstances - my full-time job/child/dog circumstances. I know now you only meant I shouldn't have a "huge" vegetable garden.  I miss-quoted you here and I'm sorry.

Now that my friends Kate and Beth have put your book in my hands for birthday purposes, I see that you're actually pretty cool.  On a side note, they also gave me your book with a blank, un-signed birthday card because they couldn't coordinate the co-signing before my birthday dinner. This was my favourite chuckle of the evening and shows me they can be themselves with me... But this has nothing to do with you.

I skimmed your entire book the eve I received it - the eve of my birthday. You too have children and live in Ontario. You have cool ideas like arranging pots using thrill, fill, and spill plants.  You divide your book by the seasons and into the categories of vegetable gardening, flower gardening and lawn care. I like that kind of order.

Please accept this, my apology.   I like you now.

- Mary from Outside At Home

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