Monday, August 20, 2012

Dr. Jada and Kale Smoothies

I paid my first ever visit to a naturopath last week.  Her name is Jada and her practice is called Healing House.  A trustworthy friend referred me to her so I knew a little about what to expect from our initial visit.  At the same time, I was still nervous to disclose embarrassing, personal details to this stranger... and I was unsure of her philosophy until I met her in person. 

In the end, I was impressed with how practical and realistic she was.  I noted that since our session was way longer than a family doctor appointment, she had to concentrate on many details, in a counsellor-like way.  She did well and I felt like I was chatting with a friend. 

I went away with a toolkit full of ideas for getting our family into a more ideal, healthy place.

One minor practice we've begun since my Jada visit is that of the morning smoothie.  I was delighted when Jada said the most important ingredients for us in a morning smoothie are berries and dark leafy greens, such as spinach, kale and chard.  My kale and chard are my most successful garden crops this year but I'm having a hard time loving them in large amounts in salads.  Thank you blended smoothie goodness... you disguise kale and chard beautifully, even in handful-large amounts.

- Mary Mary


wonder wilks said...

i went to high school with Jada (there were only 80 students, so she was easy to remember)! this is so cool! it's a small world after all!

Mary said...

What!!? That's awesome Sarah.