Thursday, August 16, 2012

Garden Trellis

 I got it into my head earlier this spring that I wanted to make a garden trellis.
I love climbing flowers, like morning glories.
And using trellis' can really add interest and a new dimension to flower beds.

Every good project requires some space, good light and a pencil and notebook (to scribble, calculate and draw in).
 I purchased a six-pack of six-foot 1"x1" sticks (the kind with one pointy end) and a six-pack of four foot 1"x1" sticks. I sawed the pointy ends off the shorter sticks.
The sticks saw in the garage all summer until now.
Today is the last day my children are in daycare during the summer.
It was my last chance.
 I measured increments of a foot from the top of the long (vertical) sticks. I marked these increments on all of the sticks with a pencil.
 On the shorter, horizontal sticks, I marked spacings of approximately 10 inches and left 3 inches for the end pieces.
 Then I laid everything out on the ground so I could see if I liked the way it looked okay.
Then I took a drill and pre-drilled some holes in the horizontal pieces of wood to help the screws go in without cracking the wood.
(I broke off a very teensy drill bit - don't tell my husband)

 I used 11/4 inch screws because they seemed like they would pass through the entire thickness of the first piece of wood and have enough length leftover to bite into the second piece of wood.
 For anyone, like me, who isn't a genius at wood-working. I stripped a few screws before I realized that the screwdriver bit I was using was just a teensy bit too small. I can't emphasize enough the importance of the right size of screwdriver bit.
 This is the almost-finished product.
At this point, I decided I needed to add another horizontal piece at the top of the trellis, about an inch down.
 Until I decide if I'm going to screw this trellis to the wooden fence or something, I am just leaning against the chain link fence where the morning glories are growing between my yard and Iain's.
Within a few days, the morning glories will make that trellis feel right at home.

~Miss Greenish Thumb~

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