Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy Harvest - Tomatoes and Peppers

Tonight, to go with our fish filets, Mark made a grilled corn salsa. And like music to this gardener's ears, he said, "Can you go and get me some things from your garden?" He requested a sweet green pepper, tomatoes, onions, chives and a jalapeno pepper.

Oh okay - he only asked for one tomato - but I wanted to give him some choice.

And he actually asked for chives, which I did chop and bring in.  But I couldn't resist picking some of my onions, whose green tops were starting to wilt in this scorching heat.

But speaking of tomatoes....
Are any of you having this problem? Cracking tomatoes?

I read up on google and so did my husband and then I was on the phone with my dad and it turns out he knew the answer all along (of course he did - he is the original Mr. Greenish Thumb).
It seems tomatoes like even-watering.  So when you've had a super dry summer like ours, and you go on vacation for two weeks, like we did, and then when you come home and try to over-compensate for your absence by watering like a mad-fiend, it backfires.  The inside of the tomato grows faster than the outside and it splits. 

All I can do is try to pick these tomatoes before bugs get inside and they rot.

Another difficulty is sweet peppers rotting at the bottoms. Apparently this is from over-watering. Peppers like to get a little dry between waterings.

So I guess I'll try to switch to watering every other day, instead of every day. 

I guess you can love your garden a little too much.

~Miss Greenish Thumb~

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Rachelle said...

Another possible explanation for your pepper problem is Blossom End Rot - see this short fact sheet

We are dealing with this at the farm too, and we water consistently.