Monday, August 13, 2012

Multiplied Gratification

I was eating leftover garlic bread this evening, staring out the kitchen window and contemplating veggies and life. And I had an epiphany.

You see I am going to visit my friend, Amy, this Friday. She lives on a farm. She's living my dream.

And I was fantasizing about her enormous farm garden and all of her bounty. I was fantasizing that she might send us home with some veggies. I was imagining how I could be prepared, by bringing a cooler, but not seem obvious. I mean, honestly, who brings a cooler to a friend's house?

My thoughts drifted to the things she might have growing in her garden. And I got to thinking about garlic. Ontario garlic is incredibly tasty and expensive and hard to come by, even at the Farmer's Market. It gets snatched up quickly. I got to thinking about garlic, a highly coveted item, and began to inwardly debate what I would do if, by some miracle, she had a head of garlic and she gave it to me?

Would we eat it up? Gosh, we'd love to eat it up. My garlic this year is so teensy. It would be such a treat to get a lovely, flavourful, substantially sized head of Ontario garlic from a real-live farmer!

But then I thought, if I saved the head of garlic and let it grow shoots, then I could break it up in the fall and plant each clove. Each clove would then produce a head. So one head of beautiful Ontario garlic could then transform into eight to ten heads! (I'm guessing at numbers here). The same goes for every plant's fruit. I could eat a pod of peas. Or I could plant each of the pees and get maybe six entire plants, each of which might make a handful of pee pods!

Instant gratification or delayed but multiplied gratification. Isn't that nature's simplest form of investment?

Mother Nature is such a wise lady!

~Miss Greenish Thumb~

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