Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Making a Fence: Prep

Miss Greenish Thumb posted a most helpful recap of her fence-making process.  Ben and I plan to build a little fence this weekend, very similar to the one she and Mark made.

First, let's take a look at some BEFORE photos.  I'm embarrassed to post these on this lovely blog but they'll make for more impressive AFTER photos.  The fence is going to be on either side of the back of our house.

Here's our carport.  Currently, we keep our dog, Frisbee, contained in the backyard with junk lined up side by side.  Oh, except the one thing that's not junk is our rain barrel from my dad.  I can't wait to get that hooked up next spring when we re-do our eavestroughs.  We're replacing the junk line with the fence.

Here's the back view of the line of junk where the fence will go. 

Here's the other side of the back of our house.  There's a little gate that we've propped up here to keep Frisbee contained plus our dense lilac bush keeps her out most of the time... emphasis on most of the time.  About once a week one I'm seen running down our street in Ben's easy-access flip flops, floundering after Frisbee because she's escaped.

Here's what we've done to prepare for our project:
  • Dreamed, looked at ideas online, flipped through fence building books from my dad, compared our ideas with our neighbours' fences;
  • Called "Call Before You Dig" to have our utility lines marked;
  • Took measurements, decided on height, width, and style, then wrote a materials list;
  • Booked someone to dig and set our post holes.  I found someone on kijiji who would dig the holes for $20 each and set the posts for $10... as long as no big rocks are hit.  Yikes.  I'll report on the price after he's done the work. 
  • Planned for junk removal.  We're going to clear out our carport at the same time as the fence.  We've used a few junk removal methods before and are opting for The Bagster.   
  • Bought the wood.  We managed to fit the wood into Ben's parents' mini van, which was great so we didn't have to have it delivered.  Here's our glorious wood pile:

Can you picture how it's going to look?  It'll be six feet tall and have that typical lattice at the top.  We're using 4x4 posts and 2x4 caps, top rails, and bottom rails just like Miss GT's.  We already have a gate kit from the little makeshift gate we made for Frisbee when we first moved in so we'll take it apart and make a new one to suit our new fence. 

There you have it!  On Thursday evening we'll clear the carport as well as our lilacs and weeds and mark the post spots for the digger-guy.  Friday morning the posts will be dug and set.  The rest should be smooth sailing... fingers crossed!

- Mary Mary


katevp-a said...

oh my!! so exciting!

I feel kind of like you kept this secret of fence building from me!! Isaac is going to love watching it g up!!

Mary said...

That's funny Kate. We've been thinking of it for a while and only recently decided to jump in and go for it. Drop by if you want in on the action!

Anonymous said...

oooo, exciting! you guys are so great at making things happen!