Friday, August 31, 2012

My Garden to Yours: Focus on Successes

I know I confess it all the time, but I must say that my gardens are way less impressive than Miss Greenish Thumb's and so I'm totally hesitant to take zoomed out/big picture photos.  
Gardening's not an overnight success story.  Even within one season, it takes time and patience and hard work to see results.  And for me, it's taking years for my gardens to look beautiful.
All that to say, if I don't focus on my successes, I'll get too discouraged and stop something that I love.
So, here are some of this season's successes I'm particularly focusing on:

My tomato harvest is better than any other previous year.  Every few days for the past few weeks I've been able to enjoy a few of each type that I planted:

I know we mention morning glories all the time, but I must mention them again because my morning glories on the string trellis I made are so so beautiful.  Only a few have bloomed so far but I'm loving the vines and how they overflow at the top where all the strings meet together:

I have squash!  I didn't actually believe I'd be able to grow squash but here they are.  Two little guys forming amongst the overgrown-ness.  Do I need to raise them up at all or are they fine to grow along the ground? 

And there's a brief, zoomed-in look at my garden this week. 
As you've probably all noticed, Miss GT and I decided to stop our Harvest Happy and Zoomin' Bloomin' posts to make room for more spontaneous, diverse posts.
My Garden to Yours on Fridays is your only chance to link up!!!
Now you're all scrambling to join in... I know.
- Mary Mary

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Rachelle said...

I love the way you've set your morning glories climbing! I was going to blog my morning glories but didn't get to it, the week Miss Greenish Thumb did the last Zoomin' Bloomin' - I would have linked up for sure if I knew it was my last chance! :)

Mary said...

Hey Rachelle,
Link your morning glory photos up on a Friday for My Garden to Yours! We want to see them!