Friday, August 17, 2012

My Garden to Yours - Miss Greenish Thumb's Garden in August 2012

 Evidence that our yard is not just a pretty face, but functional.

 Instead of weeding today, I just threw down a bag of pine bark mulch we'd been saving since last year.

 Since last update, I ripped out all the yellowing peas and the overgrown bean plants and I've grown a new set of peas and lettuce.
 Mesculin mix
 Sweet green peppers
 The nasturtiums are taking over.
Next year, remind me not to put them in my vegetable patch.
 The second round of eggplants are getting ready....

 My neighbour, Paul, left this trellis in our front yard for us, as a gift, leaning against a tree. Paul and Kathy love to garage sale. And they also love to gift some of their treasures to us. I just leaned this trellis up against the fence and the morning glories winding their way up it.
 I've been wanting to add some rocks or other objects of interest to my flower beds. But I don't want to spend any money.
So I found an array of old pots in my garage. This square one was cracked. I set it into the ground and transplanted what I believe is mint into it. Mint can go a bit crazy and spread and take over if you put it into a flower bed or garden. This way, it's somewhat contained.
Moments after I took this picture, Cole picked up the pot I'd carefully and artfully laid next to the rose and he declared, "It's upside down!"

~Miss Greenish Thumb~

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Mary said...

I envy your garden Miss GT. As yours progresses and looks better and better, mine seems to be going downhill.