Monday, September 10, 2012

How I motivate myself to RUN

Kirsten at Tollipop makes running in Las Vegas sound like a romantic fairytale adventure.  It might be the magical desserts or the characters she creates in the people she passes by.  It might be that she looks hard for beauty.

Although it's a bit more of a stretch, I feel similarly about a 6am run through the heart of Vanier.  The rising sun creates a low, hazy quiet light; the air is fresh cool on my arms; the cats and squirrels run free and playful; I notice the trees when there are no cars around...

I was right out of the running routine I started in the summer but this Friday and Sunday I managed to re-start my morning runs and it felt fabulous; I wondered how on earth I had stopped.

Miss Greenish Thumb ran a half-marathon in our hometown, Owen Sound, in August without much of a peep about it.  It wasn't her first but she's running thyroid-less now and I so admire her motivation even when her meds and hormone levels might still need adjusting or when she's feeling more sluggish than usual.  She has drive, that girl.

As I ran on Sunday morning, I thought through what helps me put one foot in front of the other.  Here goes:
  1. I choose running clothes that make me feel like a runner. Spandex helps.  Sleek black feels cool.  Bright white running shoes with flashy neon detail are a must.
  2. I've found the time slot that works best for me.  If I run first thing in the morning, I don't talk myself out of it as easily as if I run in the afternoon or evening.  I also love the morning in general.  Ben runs best at night.
  3. I lay everything out the night before - running clothes on my dresser, watch on top of the clothes, shoes by the door.
  4. I set myself up for success and enjoyment by not pushing myself too hard.  Also, when I am forming the habit, I don't track my distance - just my time.  If I run for about 25-30 minutes with only a couple one minute walks, that's a good run for me.  I know this one isn't applicable to everyone - some people have to have a really concrete goal or race planned to stay motivated. 
  5. I hydrate like crazy afterwards.  I get dehydration headaches really easily.  Nothing else seemed to hydrate me enough except gatorade but recently Bryce Dymond told Ben he drinks diluted coconut water.  I tried it on Sunday and it worked super well.   
  6. I like running with others.  Lately, my running companion has been of the four-legged variety.  Right when I put my running clothes on in the morning, Frisbee leaps out of bed hyper, jumps around me in circles, and stomps down the stairs... I wouldn't dare disappoint such an eager running partner.   

- Mary Mary

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Melissa said...

woot woot. As I read this, I'm in my gear. Convincing myself...