Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Making a Fence: Progress

The fence build was faster than we imagined!  That's never happened to us before with a home project, so it made for a pretty relaxing and fulfilling weekend.

I forgot to mention one thing we did in preparing for the fence:  We spoke with our neighbours on either side of us to tell them our plans, to talk about their future fence plans to make sure we were sort of on the same page, to ask about linking up to their posts, and to see if they knew anything about our property lines.  These were really helpful conversations to have. 

On Thursday we ended up prepping the space into the night.  Our neighbours laughed at us because we cut down some lilac bushes and marked our post holes in the dark with flashlights.  That's our style sometimes... slightly last minute but not late.

On Thursday we also reviewed Miss GT's fence build recap, which has been most helpful throughout the process.  It's just a super visual guide to what we envisioned for our own space.     

Our post holes were dug and our posts were set within about an hour and a half on Friday morning. The two guys that came were on time and friendly.  However, the post holes weren't lined up perfectly and even though I talked to the one guy about leaving  a gap of 42 inches between the two posts where we were going to build the gate, the gap ended up being 50 inches.  Yikes.  This was a pretty big mistake.  Oh well.  We didn't monitor them super closely when they worked so the posts had already been set in cement.  You can't correct that.

The major fence building part took all day Saturday.  Edem helped us out so one of us watched Isaac and the other two built.

See here for before shots.  And here's the reveal:     

Backyard view - we named this side "Gloria"
Backyard view - we named this side "Ernie"

Gloria from the carport (front yard view)

Ernie from the front yard
We decided in the end not to put the lattice at the top.  The fence is tall enough without it (just over five feet) and we like the look of it as is. 

As I mentioned, the gap for the gate was pretty wide, which made for a heavy gate.  We didn't even take apart our old gate in the end; we just screwed the fence panels onto it as it was.  We still need to hang it so we'll see how heavy it is once it's hung.  Here's a back view.  We might make a curved top.  We haven't decided yet. 

On Monday we went over to Annie's and cut a few of the fence panels length-wise, to fill in some of the narrow gaps.  All that's left is hanging the gate and any other finishing touches we'd like to make, such as trimming down the posts or putting tops on.   

Yay for clean lines and a tidier carport!

Mary Mary


christypintucks said...

So nice you guys!!! Awesome job. Sometimes I think that home improvement projects and marriage do not actually go together, but you did an awesome job! (Actually, come to think of it, maybe it's just Ikea projects and marriage. I'll do some research and get back to you ;).



Melissa said...

Looks super great.