Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Garden to Yours: The Summer Wind Down

 These days, if we go out to play in the back yard after school, it's already cooling down and the trees are casting long shadows.
The garden doesn't need watering every day. The plants aren't spewing forth fruit with the fervour they had in weeks past.
Slowly, slowly things are winding down.
 Kids are back in school.
The air just feels different.

 The jalapeno peppers are turning black. I'm not sure why, but they start to do this around this time every year.


 We have more peppers in the garden than we know what to do with.

 Lots of green tomatoes left on the vines.
 My last ditch effort as a fourth batch of peas has come up, grown tall and even before the flowers bloomed the bottoms were browning and drying up.

 We found one teensy pea pod. It was about an inch long.
I bit it into half and gave each kid a piece. Here they are searching hard for a pea pod.
Cole is declaring that he sees one (on the tomato plant).
 Rainbow carrots sound romantic.
But they taste like dirt.
Colourless carrots lack sweetness.
I'll stick with orange (and maybe purple) from now on.
 This is a morning glory bud waiting for her turn to bloom.

~Miss Greenish Thumb~

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