Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Zoomin' Bloomin': Sedum Bouquet

Presenting a new and improved sedum bouquet.
The sedum blooms have darkened a deeper red since my last bouquet.
I'm also trying to hone my bouquet making skills:
I added maple and cedar twigs to fill things out.

Any other fall bouquet attempts out there?
- Mary Mary
P.S.  Julie, Isaac's daycare provider, told me how she produced pumpkins this year... she noticed the squirrels were eating the "male parts" of the pumpkin plant so right when she saw these parts forming, she swished them inside the "female parts" to pollinate them before the squirrels ruined the process.  Et voila, little pumpkin babies.  How cool is that.

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Melissa said...

Incredibly cool fall bouquet and also very interesting about fertilizing the pumpkin plants. I wonder if that's what happened to my pumpkins.