Saturday, October 27, 2012

How to Make a Grapevine Wreath

In July, I decided not to dig up my grapevines because I learned there were some good uses to them, like you could eat the leaves and make wreaths from the vines.  Jenny and Weldy's friend, Susan, made them a beautiful grapevine wreath, which inspired me to make one myself. 
Here's how I did it...
I used my little pliers to cut big pieces of vine/branch from the grapevines growing up our fence.  I found out later, through experience, that the better pieces aren't the really long ones but the pieces that have four or five vines coming off of one branch.
Once I had cut about fifteen pieces, I had this tangled mess:  
I untangled one branch/vine at a time.  With the first branch, I decided on the shape and size of my wreath:

With every piece following, I tucked the end between some vines already in the wreath, and wound it in and out and around the wreath.

Here's the finished twisted vine wreath:

I tied a little string at the top, around a vine, for hanging:
I also wound a couple ribbons on it and wove them around too, then I decided I only liked the solid blue ribbon, so I took the other one off.

Here's the final product:

I'm definitely ahead of the game.  This lovely wreath will look funny on Halloween night, but after that, let the holiday season begin.
- Mary Mary


katevp-a said...

not even lying, i just made one from the grapevine creeping over my fence from the neighbour.

Melissa said...

It's beautiful!

Mary said...

Ha ha Kate. We craft bonded.