Friday, October 5, 2012

My Garden to Yours: Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Just a few little garden updates and ideas...
I'm loving our ornamental grass.

I decided to hang our bird feeders early this year.  Already we've seen cardinals and chickadees.

This is our little bare flower bed space beside our lilac bushes.  I recently decided I'm going to turn it into a kids' fairy-type garden of sorts.  I'm picturing a bit of a suflower fort, hanging birdfeeders, and little dollar store squirrels.  Any ideas?

We're halfway through staining the porch!  Lots of lessons learned that I'll share in a post once it's finished.  In the meantime, I'm a little sad about the colour... it's darker than I thought it would be.  Hopefully it'll grow on me.
- Mary Mary

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Ben and Maryann said...

Dark stain is sophisticated.
~Miss GT~