Monday, November 12, 2012

Pumpkin Time

Last week, after Halloween, I went on a crazy pumpkin cooking fest. 

I cut up our two pumpkins and put them in the oven at about 350 for less than an hour.  The oven was absolutely full of big pumpkin pieces.  They weren't even fully cooked when I took them out but the skin came off really easily and into the food processor they went. 

We (Ben helped me) pureed about half of the pumpkin and realized we had way more than we needed, so we gave the rest of the cooked pumpkin chunks away.  Thanks Amanda T, for being a pumpkin appreciater too.   

I find frozen pumpkin gets pretty watery so I decided to put the puree in the fridge and go right ahead and make a couple pumpkin dishes throughout the week.

On this pumpkin pureeing night I also separated the pumpkin seeds out of the guck.  Since the oven was occupied, we cooked them up on the stove.  They were tasty with a little salt.
- Mary Mary


Melissa said...

Mark LOVES pumpkin seeds. He was disappointed but we got a strangely small amount of seeds out of our enormous pumpkin this year.

Carla said...

The pumpkin cake you made was delicious.

Mary said...

Thanks Carla! Glad you enjoyed it. The recipe's going up on Wednesday! Mary