Thursday, December 13, 2012

How to Make Stockings out of Thrift Store Sweaters

I bought three sweaters from Value Village, to make into stockings.  Woot.

I definitely "freestyled" these and I don't regret it for a minute. 
Quick, easy, diverse...
I started by washing the sweaters in hot water and drying them on high heat.
The sweaters weren't 100% wool so there wasn't really a felt effect but I think they'll hold together okay.  I turned each sweater inside out and outlined the stocking shape with pins.  If you're less into "freestyling" it, I would suggest drawing a stocking shape with chalk or a fabric pencil.  If you're really precise, you'll create a pattern with paper and trace it onto the sweaters.  One side of each stocking was one side of the sweater, so that side didn't have to be sewn.  As well, I used the bottom edge of the sweater as the top ribbing of each stocking so I didn't have to finish those edges either.  Thanks to a tip from Kate, I sewed the stockings before cutting them out.  This helped to hold the sweater shape and to keep it from unravelling.      

I sewed with a simple stitch then I went over it again with a stitch that's meant for quilting and applique.  It looked like the kind of stitch that gave a lot of reinforcement so hopefully that will prevent unravelling of the threads.
After those two rounds of sewing, I cut out the shape and turned it rightside out.
I used my first stocking shape to roughly figure out the shape for pinning the other stockings.  

Et voila, six stockings... two from each sweater.  I figure we can use a few extras.  We'll be at Ma and Stan's for Christmas morning this year so we'll bring one each for them and fill them up with Christmas morning goodies. 
Each one is different but overall I went for a tall, slim, length, with a short toe.  

And how could I resist making a few doggy stockings out of sleeves?!! 
Frisbee will likely be with Jenny and Weldy over Christmas (although we haven't asked them yet... shhhh) so I wanted to make her one as well as one for Rudy.  And Lily will be around too so we couldn't leave her out.

I hung a few up on our living room shelf to display until we head out on our Christmas travels.

It's beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS!
- Mary Mary
P.S.  In case you're wondering about my snow garden... it's dead... bit the dust indeed.  I didn't put a heavy plastic cover over the little guys early enough, so the weather got too cold for just the thin row cover.  I think they were too small to survive as well... I planted them too late.  I am looking forward to using my mini hoop tunnel to plant some veggies in early spring, likely late March/early April.  Stay tuned...


Jay and Michelle said...

Holy smokes, those are FANTASTIC!

- Michelle

Anonymous said...

I agree with Michelle! Those are pretty impressive Mary!