Sunday, December 30, 2012

Winter Pot Arrangements

Ben gave me two awesome bright blue pots for Christmas.
Over the holidays, we stayed with my Ma in Peterborough.  She has a wonderful long backyard that backs onto a forest.  If you venture far enough into the forest, you come to a field with a big, white horse who comes by to ask for carrots.  Isaac, Ma and I had fun one morning tobogganing, walking, and saying hello to the horse. 
I brought some pliers and garbage bags along and clipped cedar, pine, and red branches.  I even dragged some birch branches home.  Ben happily piled them in the car back to Ottawa, despite having to rearrange our suitcases and prezzies.
Here's a before shot of the pots, with the garbage bags of branches.
I bought some blocks of foam from Michael's for arranging the branches and I bunched up some fliers for extra fill.

Here's the pot with the fliers at the bottom then the blocks on top.  I reinforced the positions of the blocks by connecting them to each other with branches.

Then I just stuck the branches into the foam and came up with this:

Happy New Year.
- Mary Mary


Melissa said...

Beautiful, Sis.

katevp-a said...

they look amazing!

question: will you mailman fight through that little forest to get to your mail box?

Mary said...

Thanks ladies. Good call, Kate. I did think of the mail when I was putting the arrangements together so I think there's enough space. We'll see after a few weeks!

Rachelle said...

This looks wonderful. What a great idea Mary!