Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 - Keener and Greener!

I forgot to check the mailbox yesterday. And so on the first day of 2013, I was returning from a morning of toboganning with the kids at the mound of snow next to the parking lot of the local school when, by reflex, I checked the mailbox. And I might have yelped out loud with glee as I discovered the OSC 2013 Seed Catalogue staring up at me.

I grabbed up a sharpie and then carefully leafed through it, all day, in the rare moments I could steal for myself. And tonight, when the kids were finally in bed, I made my order. My 2013 seeds. For my 2013 garden. Nothing yet but frozen earth and hopes. High high hopes on the the very first day of the new year.

Because not only have I decided to forget my decree to never waste my time on corn again. Not only have I decided to attempt heirloom lemon cucumbers from seed. Not only have I ignored the year I got zero yield from pole beans, and decided to buy Blue Lake Pole beans, partly because it sounds a bit romantic. Not only have I ignored my severe space limitations and circled "Pumpkin Patch Mix". But I have stepped over that imaginary line separating greenish from greener thumbs. I have ordered peppers... from seed.

My husband asks little of my garden. But what he has always wanted was poblano peppers. And I have searched high and low, but in the spring when I am buying my pepper seedlings, I can never, ever find poblano seedlings. So the only way to even attempt to produce this vegetable, out of love, for my husband, is to try to grow it from seed. Not only that. He asked for Anaheim peppers or Poblano. I have ordered both. I did protest initially. I said to him, "Peppers are super tricky." I might have added, "They're for seasoned gardeners."
He looked at me and cocked an eyebrow.
So I ordered them.

2013 Growing Season... here I come!

~Miss Greener and Keener Thumb~

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