Friday, January 4, 2013

Like Christmas AGAIN!

Hats off to OSC Seeds, the Waterloo-based company that made me giddy as I leafed through their catalogue last Tuesday and ordered my seeds on-line then felt so inspired I wrote the last post "Greener and Keener". Hats off because today, January 4th, just three days later, I saw a big brown envelope in the mailbox, which I ignored because I had my hands full and it looked suspiciously like a record, something my husband orders a lot of. However, when my husband came in, he took the mail in from the mailbox (maybe he's more responsible or maybe he also suspected the envelope resembled a record). And to my utter astonishment (snail mail indeed!) my seeds had arrived!

What joy is mine! The promise of cauliflower with a tinge of carotene, the dream of pumpkins of all different shades and shapes, cucumbers round and yellow like lemons, salsas made with my very own hot, hot, HOT peppers. The seeds have been carefully inventoried and then stowed in my squirrel-and-mouse-proof tupperware container in the garage. The garlic will arrive once the threat of frost is gone (oh, I wonder when that will be!)

You know what summons spring in this household? When Miss Greenish Thumb begins to rinse out her paper Hortons cups and stack them in the garage next to the garden trowel. When she canvasses her friends for old Lego Advent Calendar plastic inserts because they seem to be the exact right shape to hold home-made newspaper potted seedlings. When she counts backwards from the "average frost-free date" for Burlington (May 5th - thanks to No Guff Gardening Advice) eight to ten weeks and then marks with a flair of black Sharpie on the calendar... GARDENING STARTS NOW!

~Miss Greenish Thumb~


Mary Mary said...

Oh man, Miss GT. You are super inspiring.

Amy said...

Wow! Impressed at how fast they responded. Haven't ordered yet, but will look at osc now!

katevp-a said...

holy moly, they are fast.
I ordered a catalogue after your last post and it came in a day. i swear, it seemed like a day. it may have been two. but it seemed like one. and i ordered it at night.

maybe they are also like Santa?

Mary Mary said...

Kate, I'm ridiculously excited about the potential involved with that catalogue in your hands.

Rachelle said...

Wow that's pretty impressive! I'm just starting to think about my seeds for the year. In fact, I just wrote a blog post about my favorite seed source that you might want to check out. Here's to happy dreams of spring!