Thursday, February 21, 2013

Skiing around Ottawa

We've been cross-country skiing a couple times this winter, to my delight.
Here's Isaac, his first time on skis.
We rented a pair for him at Mooney's Bay, which we found was a great place for a first-time ski. 
Isaac loved it.  We started him out without poles and he immediately asked for them because he wanted to look like his parents.
Near the end of his ski, he suddenly decided he'd had enough of the trails, and booted it onto the undisturbed snow, making his own path.  Ben followed after him and here they are...

I also had a beautiful night ski with a few friends in Gatineau Park a few weeks ago. 
I bought a set of classic skis this winter.    
In high school, I joined my school's cross country ski team and gladly said good bye to classic skiing.  I found that skate skiing was faster, smoother, and more adventurous.
However, in recent years, my once-a-winter skate ski (if I was lucky) wasn't ideal.  The times I went, I didn't feel fit enough to enjoy the ski, and two hours of waxing for only one one-hour ski, didn't seem like a fair trade-off.  
I've found quite a few of my friends are taking up classic skiing, and now, with my own classic waxless skis, I can join them and enjoy the convenience of low-maintenance, all-ability cross-country skiing.
The night we skied in Gatineau Park, it felt so good... the smell of the snow, the feeling of my arms and legs working away, the company of good friends.  We stopped at a shelter in the park and drank hot chocolate and ate cheese by candle and headlamp light.  We giggled giddy at the fun of the ski.
I'm hoping to squeeze in a few more skis before the end of winter.
- Mary Mary

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