Friday, February 8, 2013

Winter Painting

I used to think that in order for my artwork to be meaningful it had to be laborious... long invested hours, original ideas, advanced techniques...

I've found, I think through other blogs, that homemade artwork around the house can be simple and easy-peasy.  You can even use other people's ideas and that's really not a problem at all.

I put together these four pictures above our bed recently.  I freehand copied them from internet drawings.  I used black markers and simple paints I already had (some of them were Isaac's watercolour paints!).  The owl and the loon are drawn onto canvases (I already had).  The other two little birds are drawn onto canvas paper and taped into glass-less frames (again, I already had everything in the house).   

I'm pleased with the results.
This little guy's my favourite:

Another recent paint project: I bought magazine holders/boxes from Ikea and added a bit of colour to them.... 

Happy Winter Crafting
- Mary Mary

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Rachelle said...

I really like the artwork Mary. Isn't it great how doing something like that yourself adds an extra touch of personality, compared to the store bought and mass-produced!