Sunday, March 24, 2013

Kokum's Clothespeg Apron

For my step-mom's birthday, I often get her a gift card for Timmies. She loves Timmies.
But I am kind of in a sweat-shop phase and I'm trying to hone my sewing skills. And Carmen also loves air-dried laundry in the summer. I saw this beautiful fabric when I was at Joann's in Cleveland and I thought I'd make it into a clothespeg apron for Carmen's birthday.
 Cole helped.

 I bound the pockets with trim.

 Then I laid the front of the apron on the back of the apron and bound the back half of the pockets and sewed the front and the back together.
A glitch in the pattern is that the instructions (from One-Yard-Wonders) didn't explain how to hem the entire periphery of the apron (only around the pockets), leaving the raw edge showing around the base of the apron. If I had to do it again, I would cut enough binding to surround the entire perimeter of the apron seamlessly, perhaps in a coordinating colour, instead of only cutting enough to bind the pockets like the instructions indicate.
The ties were made by sewing three edges, turning it inside out and ironing, however, the tie was wider than the waistband.
 So I had to fold the tie in half to fit it into the waisteband. Then I pinned it and sewed them in (three times, to reinforce them).

~Miss Greenish Thumb~

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Rachelle said...

Looks awesome! Hand-made presents are the best!