Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring = JOY

I'd forgotten.
It's been so long since I tended my garden... I'd forgotten the pure joy of spring!

Then we had a Sunday a few days ago when the temperature hit 18 C and it all came back to me. It's not that I hate winter. I try to appreciate all the seasons, and the rest that winter brings - the time to hunker down and work on some indoor projects.

However, it only took one spring day and my neighbour, Iain was up a ladder trimming trees and I was pruning rose bushes and dreaming about how I'd revamp my vegetable patch. I took out my seed box and leafed through the envelopes. Iain laughed when I told him I'd ordered an assortment of pumpkin seeds for a pumpkin patch. He reminded me I don't live on two acres of land. I'd forgotten that too. Sometimes in my half-drunken state of spring-time bliss, reality gets blurred a bit by fantasty. And my yard seems a lot larger than it is.

If you're reading this from Ottawa or Thunder Bay (that got 15 cm of snow on Sunday), you might think I'm mad. But let me be your ground hog. Spring is on the way. Hang in there!

And start thinking about pruning your rose bushes!

~Miss Greenish Thumb~

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