Thursday, April 11, 2013

On Your Mark... Get Set... GARDEN!!!!

It's spring!
Yes, it is!
And I planted some garlic in the corner of my garden the moment they arrived in the mail from the seed catalogue company. I planted them with haste because I was about six months late getting them into the soil as it was. But Ontario garlic is hard to come by in the fall, so I had to settle for ordering them and waiting until spring to get them.
Our neighbours cut down a tree and rented a wood chipper. They let us take home a few wheelbarrowfuls, which, it turned out wasn't as pretty as flower-bed mulch you might buy in the store. But I decided to use it in my veggie garden.
Mulch can help to keep the soil moist, especially when the weather is hot. It can keep the weeds at bay too. And, this year, I thought I'd use it as a visual cue to remind myself where I've planted crops already in my garden.
The plastic fencing I bought last year had become brittle and flimsy over the winter. I had to rip it all down and put new stuff up.
 Cole helped unscrew the hinges on the gate, so we could relocate it to a different side of the garden.
When I expanded my garden last year, it grew to be a little too close to the laundry tree. And so if I had a full two loads hanging out to dry, I couldn't get into my garden (woe-of-woes!). That is why I decided to move the gate to a different side of the garden.

I'll never go back to real metal chicken wire. It's so hard to work with.
But I did find a happy medium. I bought some plastic mesh fencing that is stronger than the stuff I used last year, but still plastic so it's flexible enough to be easy to work with. Instead of trying to track down a heavy-duty staple gun, I used zippy-ties to connect the fencing to the posts.
~Miss Greenish Thumb~

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