Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Aunt Jo's Shady Flower Thoughts

Last May, Ben and I spent a week at Aunt Jo and Uncle Rob's cottage and we loved their potted flower arrangements:
So naturally, as I've been thinking of our front porch - hanging baskets and our big blue pots - I asked Aunt Jo for advice: for recommendations of shade-loving flowers. 
She said:
If the area is partly shaded, think about begonias, which are lush and brightly coloured, produce large blossoms and lots of them, and have a quasi-succulent leaf.  
Photo courtesy of ewan traveler
Also, try shade-loving impatiens...
Photo courtesy of The Greenery Nursery
... and sky blue or dark blue lobelia; the trailing variety is lovely.
Photo courtesy of echoforsberg
Another one I like is cat's tail... trails and produces pretty red, fluffy flowers that look like tails.
Photo courtesy of YIM Hafiz
When you go out looking for plants, head inside the tented area; these are the shadier choices. 
Thanks Aunt Jo!
- Mary Mary

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