Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How to build a raised Vegetable Garden Bed

Last night Ben and I made a raised garden bed!  Woot! 
I've been pinning raised beds for the past few months.  See some inspiration here, here and here.
On Sunday we bought the cedar at Home Depot:
Five 2"x6"x12' boards
One 2"x6"x8' board
and six 48" balisters

We prepped the site by digging a bit of a trench where we wanted the bed to lay.  My previous garden was about 10'x10 and my new one is 3'x12' so the shape and size are different.  Needless to say, we have some grass to plant.
We cut one 12' board into four 3' pieces and we cut two 3' pieces from the 8' board 
(that's six 2"x6"x3' pieces).
We screwed the balisters to the long pieces.  There was a 5" overhang on one end of the balisters to anchor the garden a bit and the other long overhang is for fencing.

Then we (aka Ben) attached the shorter sides on the ends and in the middle (for extra support). 

Then he put it all together!

Finally, we walked the fully assembled garden bed over to the spot we'd prepared and dug around it until it settled in. 
The soil seemed pretty healthy - lots of worms and not too many grubs - so we didn't use a weed barrier or cardboard at the bottom.  We did add some mushroom compost and soil with lots of nutrients (fertilizer) to the already-existing soil. 
Next step: Planting!!! 
- Mary Mary


Melissa said...

It's so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

oooo, so nice! We're ready now for the full on garden season!

xo B

katevp-a said...

hoolie hooo! love it. can you maybe do a cost breakdown?

Mary said...

The cost of the wood plus a pack of screws was just under $150, including tax.

Rachelle said...