Thursday, May 16, 2013

Inspiration from Athens

Ben and I are travelling this week... far from home but still thinking of home.  Well, mainly thinking of our son, Isaac, but a few things have reminded me of vegetables and plants and backyard fun.
We spent a day in Athens on Tuesday.
First, let's admire some of the ancient ruins, shall we? 
The Parthenon is such a masterpiece.  The city's restoration work is pretty impressive too.  You can see the light coloured parts of the building - this is new material holding together and fitting into the old structure. 
And here's the Temple of Zeus below.  I loved the look of that column that has fallen down.   

And here's some inspirational greenery in the city...
These purple trees were striking.  They reminded me of the effect of little purple flowers that act as fillers in flower pot arrangements. 

There were a lot of grapevines in Athens.
Here's a beautiful arch covered in vines.

A lot of the tree trunks were curvy, a bit like bonsai trees. 
And there you have some inspiration from Athens.
I'll post some photos from Dubrovnik tomorrow.
- Mary Mary

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Melissa said...

BEAUTIFUL! Keep it coming.