Friday, May 17, 2013

Inspiration from Dubrovnik

We're staying in Dubrovnik this week - Ben's teaching at the World Society of Victimology's annual post-graduate course here. We're staying in a little apartment in the old part of Dubrovnik - it's surrounded by a wall and everywhere is white marble and cobblestone.
Here's some photo inspiration from our walk around the wall on Wednesday.
Palm trees are pretty glorious, aren't they? 

We spotted two vegetable gardens during our walk - perhaps the only two within the walls of the old part of the city.  Here you can see the garden is covered in black plastic and the plants come up through holes in the plastic.  I guess this is to protect the plants against weeds.  Any other reasons you can think of?

Here's the second vegetable garden we saw...  You can also see the grapevines on metal frames on either side of the garden.
Marble and stone cover most of this part of the city, so there are quite a few potted plants.  I liked the look of the pots arranged together to create a garden look.

Here's a sweet window...
And finally, while I was walking through the city yesterday I came across a coffee shop full of benches made of old bathtubs.  What a sweet idea. 

- Mary Mary 


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! I do hope the bathtubs have been cleaned though! :p


Rachelle said...

Yes, I thought that was black plastic!

From what I've seen it is commonly used in organic ag (maybe in other ag too, I just don't have much exposure to it). Organic agriculture uses a quickly biodegrading "plastic" made from corn. It's used for a number of benefits - including your guess for keeping down weeds, as well as reducing evaporation during watering (ie using drip irrigation under the plastic) and increasing temperature for those heat loving crops (ie melons, peppers, tomatoes)..

Thanks for posting photos from your trip! They are really interesting and it's nice to see garden commonalities from around the world.

Mary said...

Thanks for the info on the plastic, Rachelle. That's right - it makes sense to use it to keep heat in as well - extending the season a bit. Thanks for keeping in touch!

P.S. Yes, Sylvie, I hope the bathtubs were cleaned too. Hee hee.