Sunday, May 12, 2013

It's cold... MY DAD WAS RIGHT!!!!

My dad always swore by the rule: Don't plant until after the long weekend in May. That seems too conservative for me. I always plant early.

But today, as I drove into the country in search of free compost, it rained and then it hailed on my little car. And as the day progressed, the air took on a tangible chill.  I checked the weather network and tonight, it claimed, there is a risk of patches of frost (okay, okay, don't panic.... we feel lucky, right?) and Monday night... WIDESPREAD PLANT-KILLING FROST!

I'm not even being dramatic. The website called it plant-killing frost. It was the kind of message that says: Stop thinking you can make it through just by luck! You need to take action!

So tonight as I was locking up the house and turning off lights, I remembered and I threw on a sweater and my big rubber boots. I collected a few blankets (the one I use when I give Amelia wheelbarrow rides and the one that my husband let our friend's baby crawl around on last time they came over for a barbecue and the one we use to cushion the wagon) and a few boxes and a bucket. I tossed the boxes and bucket in between the tomato plants, cucumber plants and the pepper plants to act as tent poles and then I draped the blankets over top.
I may have even whispered: Good night... Be strong!

Then I wrote myself a note on a paper towel and placed it on the cutting board: Don't forget to un-blanket the garden in the morning.

Best of luck to you and yours over the next few frigid nights.
And next time, listen to your Dads. They know best!

~Miss Greenish Thumb~

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