Sunday, May 5, 2013

Seeds in

I got my first seeds into the ground yesterday!
Here's a peek at the plan:

I'm trying carrots... again.  I so want to grow them.  I dug up the soil deep and tried to get rid of clumps.  I even kept a little layer of compost on top.  I'll put tomato seedlings all around them for shade and I'll plant some lettuce among the tomatoes (that's interplanting).

I planted half-rows of spinach, peas, and beets and I'll plant more in a few weeks - that's succession planting.  Once I'm through with my peas, I'll plant kale in their place - that's also succession planting.  There's a full row of swiss chard!  I love swiss chard!

This is Isaac's little garden.  He requested carrots and beans.  I hope those carrots grow too!
I added a couple strawberry plants too.

And here are some herb pots.  Notice the aesthetic weeds? 

Fencing attached with twist-ties.

Raspberry plants are doing well.

I like the popsicle stick labels.

I noticed on Miss GT's link to frost free dates in yesterday's post that Ottawa's average frost free date is May 8th.  What?!!  I'm totally planting tomatoes next weekend!

- Mary Mary 

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