Saturday, May 25, 2013

Summer Flower Pot Arrangements

My winter pot arrangement lasted really well throughout the winter but I've been eager to replace it with some nice summer blooms.   
I mentioned Aunt Jo's shady flower recommendations a couple weeks ago.

Here's my first attempt at putting her advice into practice.
Isaac and I took a trip to Canadian Tire and bought begonias, lobelia, some grass for the thrill factor and some other little plants that I think will turn into vines.   
I didn't want to put dirt and water directly into the ceramic pots because of possible cracking and breakage so I also bought a couple inexpensive ($8) plastic pots:
Thanks to my measuring, they fit perfectly:
I put bricks in the bottom of the ceramic pots for the plastic pots to sit in:
Then I filled the plastic pots with more bricks and rocks: 

And that's where I stopped taking photos.
Here's the after shot!

Now to make them grow and fill the pot and spill over! 
- Mary Mary


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