Monday, May 6, 2013

Trip to Goderich

 My friend Hilary has one of the most beautiful yards I've ever seen.
And Hilary and I share a passion for helping things grow.
 These are her raised veggie beds. She said she bought the kits from Lee Valley.
 This is Kate. She is pure sunshine.
 Jacob and Cole had a blast playing in the yard.
You can see at this end of the house, Hil's got a row of raspberry bushes.
 Jacob, 6, really knows his way around the garden. He's even got his own tools.
He and Hilary set up a trellis and planted a row of peas. Jacob was careful to plant them almost exactly an inch apart, giving his garden more attention than Miss Greenish Thumb does.

 Jacob, Ella and Kate decorated these. They're six, four and three years old.
Impressive, eh?

~Miss Greenish Thumb~

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