Friday, June 28, 2013

Deb's Garden

This year Deb added a vegetable garden to her back yard.
I asked her if I could photograph it.
But there was so much to look at in addition to the vegetable garden, that I got a little bit distracted.
 Exiting onto the veranda through Deb's back door, we find planters with herbs, easily accessible for kitchen use.

 I think Deb said her dad made this swing out of a big wheel.

 What a cool use for old windows.
Did I mention Deb is an artist too?

 This is the veggie nook.
It's nestled in an alcove between where the house juts out and the shed.
 This area used to be a tangle of euonymus, but she's replaced them with hostas and hydrangeas.

 She gave me some of her seeds for "patio zucchini".
What I love about keeping zucchini in a container is that it can't take over your garden.

 Thanks for having us.
 A fun party game at Deb's place is always Guess-What-This-Contraption is.
Can you guess?
(hint: not a tea pot with four spouts)
Bye, Deb.
Thanks for having us.
~Miss Greenish Thumb~
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Oh wow. So much inspiration.