Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Garden in May

I took some pictures at the end of May to report on the progress of my garden. I am only now getting around to posting them. I apologize.
 My second batch of seedlings was patchy and puny. When I put them in the garden, they were smaller than a lot of the weeds. But they were a lot happier in the garden. If only I can avoid stepping on them.

 Something strange has happened to the rhubarb. It's got flowers.
And I don't ever remember this happening before.
Maybe I've just been too neglectful in harvesting it.
 Strawberries are perennials. They have to live within the confines of the garden, or else the rabbits eat all the fruit before we have a chance.
 These are sweet pepper plants I purchased as seedlings at the Farmer's Market.
In behind is the jungle of garlic I planted early in April.
 A few broccoli plants.
 If I'm going to have fencing, I might as well also have morning glories.
 In behind the garlic, on the left, is spinach. And on the right is the lettuce.
 I can't remember, but I think this green on the right is pak choi. It went to flower, so we ate its leaves when it was very small.
 Sugar snap peas.
~Miss Greenish Thumb~
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Rachelle said...

I love these garden update posts!

Regarding your rhubarb, it will flower when stressed, so it could have been a heat spell (did you get those where you are too?) Mine have tried to flower twice now. I cut those flower stalks off as soon as I see them and it encourages the plant to keep producing edible stalks.