Friday, June 21, 2013

Garden Party: Cool June

Happy Friday!
I love taking a break in the evening and strolling through the yard... just a few minutes seem to do, once Isaac's asleep and the sun is low.  Peeking at the seedlings, marvelling at the vegetables, pulling a few weeds, taking in the blooms... 

Pretty purple blue
Some morning glories starting out - it's amazing how soon these will be fifteen feet tall.
Isaac's garden - awesome beans, a sick looking tomato plant and carrots.  I can't believe the carrots are growing.
Peas, beets and swiss chard.  It's about time I plant more beets and swiss chard to finish off these rows.
Lettuce among tomato plants (and weeds).
Sadly, my sunflowers aren't doing well.
And the beans in between the sunflowers are being eaten by the same pesky pest. 
My sunflower/bean wall might not be working out this year.  Shall I plant the sunflower seeds again?
- Mary Mary
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