Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Porch Pillows

I bought some pretty blue outdoor fabric from fabricland and sewed together these four pillows.
I made them from pillows I already had and wasn't using.
They're kinda lovely, eh?
Here's another arrangement:
This works too:

I'm worried they'll get wet if I leave them outside, so I've only been taking them out when we're on the porch.  Is this a funny thing to do?  What do you do with your outside pillows? 
- Mary Mary



wonder wilks said...

we leave our pillows out but they're under the porch where not too much rain or sun gets. we've only ever had problems when the kids smear food on them because the squirrels & raccoons end up chewing them but only ever when there was a decent clump of lunch on them.
those pillows are delightful! how industrious! :)

Melissa said...

I think some people get some sort of waterproof bin or bin/bench where the pillows can be stored. However, if I'd sewn pillows myself and they looked as lovely as those, I'd probably be inclined to bring them inside too.