Thursday, June 13, 2013

Rabbit Wars

I am fighting a battle against the bunnies.
And I fear I am losing.

They have a lot more leisure time, I suspect, to plot against me.
Remember earlier when I so confidently declared it best to use plastic fencing around your garden because it's so easy to work with.
Remember how I said I would NEVER use real chicken wire again?
Remember that?!!
I lied.

Because twice in three days, rabbits have chewed their way through my fence and into my garden. They've begun to tunnel through my lettuce and they've started holes dangerously close to my tomatoes and peppers.

When I've gone outside to inspect my garden and discovered the rabbits' destruction, my waving arms and crimson face and string of expletives has drawn my neighbour out of his house with an amused grin on his face. He finds us an endless source of amusement. We Greenish Thumbs and our adventures across the chainlink fence.

Anyway, he pointed out that the rabbits hadn't yet really eaten much in the way of my veggies. I begrudgingly conceded that point but declared that it still felt like a violation.

His parents own a farm.
 He said his mother suggests planting daffodils near things that you don't want rabbits to eat. Apparently rabbits don't like daffodils because they're poisonous. Well, to people they are mildly poisonous. But they are enough to rabbits to keep them away.

I plan to go out and buy some for-real chicken wire and a bushel of daffodil bulbs.

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